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Treestands: Types and Uses
By Richard Johnson

I have found treestands to be the most effective way of hunting. A treestand keeps me hidden better by putting me out of the deer's natural line of sight. It is also great in areas where cover is thick and you can't see real far on the ground. A treestand will put you above all the brush and will let you see a lot further. But there are different treestands to choose from. Which one is right for you? Well, it all depends on where you are hunting.

The are basically three different kinds of treestands: fixed position, tripod, and climbing treestands. Each one has its advantages.

Fixed position stands have a seat and platform attached to a tree with a chain. The hunter may screw in steps or hook a ladder to the tree. These stands are good to leave up all year, if you are on private property. However, even on private property, these treestands are almost always stolen out of the woods. These stands also do not allow you to easily change positions based on wind or fresh sign. You are pretty much stuck there. And not to mention the fact that hunting the same area over and over will push deer away from that area, maybe for good.

Tripod stands are good in areas where there are not a lot of trees, such as fields. These are usually left up all season, but you usually have the same problems with these as you do with fixed position stands.

In my opinion, climbing treestands are the best type of treestand. They are the most effective and versatile types. A climbing treestand consists of two parts, a seat and a platform. These parts are separate from one another. A hunter attaches the parts to a tree. While facing the tree, a hunter will raise the top platform (seat) with his arms, secure it to the tree, sit down, then raise and secure the bottom platform with his feet. Once at the desired height, a hunter will secure the top platform, but this time he will secure it twice with a ratchet to ensure it won't move. Then he will raise the bottom to a comfortable level so it feels good when he sits down. Then the hunter turns around, sits down, and uses the tree as a backrest. I like to be at least 20 feet up in the tree when hunting. You might have to only go up as much as you feel comfortable with and gradually increase your height until you reach the 20-25 foot range. I absolutely love my climbing treestand. It is an Amacker Deer Hunter model.

But there are some things that must be done with all treestands.

YOU MUST WHERE A SAFETY BELT! I can't stress enough how important it is for you to use a safety belt or harness, ALWAYS. Never use a treestand without one.

Also, always pull your weapon up with a rope after you have gotten settled up high. Never carry it up with you. Tie (or I like to clip) one end of a rope to your weapon and the other end to the treestand (if you are using a climbing treestand) or to your belt (if using another type).

Be careful and always be alert.

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