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Necessary Hunting Items

By Richard Johnson

There are certain items that any hunter should take with him into the feild. These items can make any hunt more enjoyable and more productive.

  1. A weapon you can trust
  2. Binoculars
  3. Backpack or fannypack
  4. Comfortable boots
  5. The right camo pattern
  6. Flashlight
  7. Rain Gear

The first item on the list is a weapon you can trust. This is probably the most important peice of equipment you have. This must be a weapon that you have practiced a lot with. You must know your limits with the weapon. Also, you must be accurate with your weapon. There is no point in even hunting if you don't intend on a quick, clean kill. Anyone who intends just to wound an animal can not call themselves a hunter. So you must have a weapon that you can trust.

The second item on the list is a good pair of binoculars. These are great for locating deer at long ranges. It is essential that you locate the deer before the deer locates you. Remember when buying binoculars that they will be around your neck for a long time. So buy light binoculars with great magnification.

Another item that is necessary to have is a backpack or a fannypack. Both of these are great for keeping your hunting items together while you are in the field. This also helps you from losing things in the woods. This is the best way to transport all of your items into and out of the woods. It is also great for keeping items you might not use, but still want to have, together.

The next thing on the list is comfortable boots. These are a must no matter what kind of hunting you are doing. And if you hunt in cold weather, you will need warm boots. Usually your feet are the first thing to get cold. When you buy a new pair of boots, walk around with them outside for a little bit before you take them to the field. Uncomfortable feet just leads to a hunt that ends earlier than you would like. Just be sure to buy boots that you like. If a magazine says buy these boots but you really don't like them, don't buy them. But usually the magazines give you accurate information. They must be comfortable to you.

This next thing is something that you really need to think about. Which camo pattern is right for the area you are hunting in. A deer will pick out an unnatural blob in the tree right away. You need a pattern that matches your surroundings. First think of what your hunting area is like. Then, go to the camo company's web site and see what pattern is right for you. Their web sites are great for looking at all the available patterns. You can look at all the patterns in a matter of minutes. After you know what pattern you want, go and buy it. This is just a good way to be sure that you are buying the right pattern. And if you're still not sure, look at the description of the camo pattern while you're looking at them on the internet.

A flashlight is a must-have when going hunting. It is great to help you get to your stand in the morning and get back home at night. Even if you have walked the same trail a million times, you never know what could have happened. One minute a trail can be completely clear, and the next a tree could have fallen across it. Branches are always falling on the ground in the woods. So you just never know what might be in front of you, unless you see it using your flashlight. You will be sorry you didn't use a flash light whenever you're laying in the woods with a broken leg. A little maglight works great for hunting. Use one.

Rain gear, while not totally necessary, is a great thing to own. If you're like me, you want to spend every second you can during hunting season in the woods. Even if it's raining, I want to be out there. Most hunters would just choose to stay inside when it's raining, but the dedicated hunters will be out there. Things like this are what seperate the regular hunters from the hunters who consistenly bag big bucks year after year. Gor-tex is probably the best rain gear there is. Be willing to spend the money to buy it. Trust me, when you come back to camp with that big buck that your friends missed out on because it was raining, it will be all worth it.

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