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Here are some questions that we at Hunting USA are frequently asked.

Is using a treestand in archery hunting necessary?

Well, it is not necessary, but it is a great idea to use one. Using a treestand greatly increases your odds of getting a buck. To go into more detail, there are two main kinds of treestands. There are permanent treestands and climbing treestands. In my opinion, climbing treestands are the way to go. That way you are not limited to one hunting spot during the season. You can go in whatever hunting area you would like. Also, you can adjust for the wind factor. So, treestands aren't necessary, but it is a great idea to use one.

Are scents and lures really as effective as they claim to be?

In one word, YES! Scents and lures are one of the best ways to attract a big buck. In my experience, they are the most effective tool I use, even more so than my calls. However, using scents and calls together is a deadly combination. But you must use the scents correctly for them to work though. I strongly recommend you buy some and try them out.

How high up in a climbing treestand should you go when deer hunting?

You should go up at least, AT LEAST, 20 feet when deer hunting. This is just about the perfect height while hunting deer. Any lower, deer will spot you easily. So go up about 20 feet and remember to always where your safety belt, even while climbing.

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